I have a silver 2017 AMG GLE63s SUV. I’m currently using the standard 21x10 295/35R21 wheels for winter wheels and need to buy a new set of wheels/tires for summer.

I want to stick with something in the gloss black finish. I’m currently leaning toward the Mandrus Otto wheel, sizing is 22x10.5.

Here is the Mandrus Otto: https://www.mandruswheels.com/otto-mercedes-wheels.php

1. Will the 22x10.5 fit in the front? The guy at Mandrus said it will fit in the rear but wasn’t sure about the front.
2. Would I be better off staggering the wheels...22x9 in the front and 22x10.5 in the rear? Pros/cons vs option 1? I’m told staggering not ideal b/c can’t rotate the tires.
3. Any other gloss black wheels out there you’d recommend considering?

Suggestions on tires?